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Hello, my name is Kevin.

Thank you for wanting to know me more. I want to share what I know is true about myself and my writing.

Foremost, I am a born-again Christian. Jesus saved me from a broken lifestyle and He is continually molding me into His image. I may not mention God in every post here, but I think you need to know this genuine relationship informs everything about me to follow. 

I am a husband and dad. In short, I married up. My wife, Amber, is one of those people that is talented at just about everything. (Yes, I’m envious.) I’ve watched her raise our children and grow a successful photography business. She passed those genetics on to both of our children. “Jak” (Jakson) and “Li” (Lila) drive me crazy at times. However, they also drive me to be the best dad and man I can be. It’s funny. I’m supposed to be teaching them, but seem to learn far more from them. 

I’m also a pastor. I know all my estranged childhood friends reading this, probably spit their coffee all over the screen. It’s true. I can provide the ordination papers. 

Shepherding God’s flock is a calling. A calling that I fought at first, but now I embrace. God has allowed me to walk with many intriguing characters in His story of redemption. They have helped shape me into the man I am today. Thanks to the saints in Vienna, Ambrose, West Green, and now at Morningside in Douglas, GA. I am better because I’ve walked through life with you. 

Finally, I’m a writer. Thinking on paper is how I have processed life as far as I can remember. This “thinking on paper” is no claim of greatness. If it wasn’t for ProWritingAid, you would’ve stopped reading long before now. 

What’s this blog about? 

This blog is a labor of love. I love studying God’s Word and growing closer to Him. Over the years, I have spent countless hours in the pages of Scripture preparing for sermons, lectures, and devotions. After preaching or teaching a portion of Scripture, I would amass copious notes on a passage and subject. (Many things I learned never made into the sermon or Bible study!)

This blog is where I can share my gleanings from Scripture with others. I pray it is a blessing.

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