A Simple Choice – It’s Ninety or Nothing!

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

 (Matthew 6:33)

Red pill or blue pill? As a pastor, husband, and father of two growing kids, I often wish decisions only came with two options, like in The Matrix movie. Life is so much more complex. If you don’t believe me, ride with my family on Sunday after church to see how complicated it is for us to choose a restaurant! I admit I overthink things occasionally. When I’m presented with too many options, I can become paralyzed with indecision. That’s not a good quality to possess. I can’t be the only one, right? Right?

Since I know my tendency to over-analyze, I’ve tried to simplify my decision-making process. In short, it’s ninety or nothing. If I’m presented with a choice, and I’m not at least 90% sure I should give it my attention, then I move to another option.

What about all the “good things” you’ll miss? There are things this approach will certainly eliminate, but it clears the way for “God things.” We’re not called to do everything that is presented to us, but we are called to do many things. We must discern the difference.

How can we know the difference? In Matthew 6:25-33, Jesus presented a list of good things to seek, like drink, food, and clothing. No one denies the importance of these things. They’re essential. But they’re not eternal. Jesus commands us to “seek first” the eternal things of God. Seeking God’s kingdom first is a simple choice that you can be 100% confident in because it’s always right. If you use seeking the kingdom of God as a filter, you will limit your choices and make better decisions. Remember, it’s ninety or nothing!


A Good Friday Reflection

Over two thousand years ago, You faced the horrors of the cross. The cruel tortures of that wicked tree reveal the severity of sin, my sin. You cried out, “My God! My God! Why have You forsaken me!” It was through this forsakenness that we experience the embrace of Abba’s arms. Restored. Restless and rebellious subjects reconciled to a Regal King.

Wrecked with agonizing pain so that others could experience peace. By the crimson flow of Calvary, the filthy stains of sin wash away from our souls. Incarnate Deity dying removing sin’s strong hand. Worthy is the Lamb slain over two millennia ago! Praise ushers forth from grateful hearts on this most wondrous Good Friday for we know the rest of the story!

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Murray’s Waiting of God

As I was reading my morning devotional, I found this quote to be quite remarkable. I wanted to pass it along to you. Hopefully, it will encourage you to pray for others as it did me. God bless!

“Christ did not seek to enjoy the Father’s love for Himself; He passed it all on to us. All true seeking of God and His love for ourselves will be inseparably linked with the thought and the love of our brethren in prayer for them.” – Andrew Murray

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Andrew Murray, Waiting on God, (London: Nisbet & Co., 1895), WORDsearch CROSS e-book, Under: “Day 6 For All Saints.”