Returning to the Corner Ponds

I’ve wanted to snap this bike lean photo for a while now. Today, I made it happen. What appears as a bicycle in the bushes to others is a portrait of sacred space for me. To those raised in my hometown of West Green, they know this spot as Corner Ponds off Joe Ellis Road.Continue reading “Returning to the Corner Ponds”

Liberty & Freedom!

It’s Independence Day Weekend. As I consider the benefits of living in the United States, the two words “liberty” and “freedom” come to mind. Both, like oxygen, are taken for granted until they’re gone. Recently, my family traveled to New York City and visited the Statue of Liberty. The tour guide explained the statue wasContinue reading “Liberty & Freedom!”

A Good Friday Reflection

Over two thousand years ago, You faced the horrors of the cross. The cruel tortures of that wicked tree reveal the severity of sin, my sin. You cried out, “My God! My God! Why have You forsaken me!” It was through this forsakenness that we experience the embrace of Abba’s arms. Restored. Restless and rebelliousContinue reading “A Good Friday Reflection”