To PhD or not to PhD?

With me nearing the halfway point in my graduate studies, I've toyed with the idea of pursuing a PhD. After doing some online research and chatting with a few of my professors, I've realized the job market is slim in the field of Biblical and Theological Studies for evangelicals. Other than adjunct positions, there are… Continue reading To PhD or not to PhD?

Feelings & Theology

Over the past few months, I’ve returned to Belhaven University to finish my MA in Biblical and Theological Studies. It was a needed hiatus, but I’m glad I returned. I finished my first course in Old Testament Histories last week. The study of how the theme of kingship develops through 1 Samuel to Nehemiah gave… Continue reading Feelings & Theology

Noteworthy Quote from “God’s Design.”

Considering the political and social climate in the United States and the cry of liberationists on every street corner, I found the following quote by biblical theologian Elmer A. Martens' noteworthy. He writes, The exodus event was a political event since it involved the escape of a people from Pharaoh, a political power. But the… Continue reading Noteworthy Quote from “God’s Design.”