Rinse & Repeat: The Key to Church Growth

I am privileged. Privileged not in the sense of arrogance but honored by God’s grace to shepherd the flock, which gathers at West Green Baptist Church. This congregation rests in the heart of my hometown community, and its people have a heart for Christ. This passion manifests itself by the people’s interest in the lives … Continue reading Rinse & Repeat: The Key to Church Growth

Quit Your Bellyaching!

While sipping my morning cup of Joe, I happened to come across a podcast link in my inbox from ThomRainer.com. For those of you who may be living under a rock, Thom S. Rainer is a church leadership and growth guru. He has authored several books on the issues facing the American church. The podcast … Continue reading Quit Your Bellyaching!

How to Study the Bible for Yourself

Have you ever wanted to study the Bible, but didn't know how to get started? This was the question I attempted to answer in a 3 hour session (including breaks) with the ladies at Still Waters Outreach Center. This audio playlist was recorded at Still Waters Outreach Center by permission of Joanne Ray Lewis. ***Image … Continue reading How to Study the Bible for Yourself