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    How to Study the Bible for Yourself

    Have you ever wanted to study the Bible, but didn’t know how to get started? This was the question I attempted to answer in a 3 hour session (including breaks) with the ladies at Still Waters Outreach Center. This audio playlist was recorded at Still Waters Outreach Center by permission of Joanne Ray Lewis. ***Image Attribution Image courtesy of Joanne Ray Lewis Downloaded from FaceBook.com

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    Halloween or Harvest Time?

    Golden light filters its way through fiery leaves struggling to keep there grasp on life. You can smell the aroma of earth as farmers turn peanuts over for harvest. Hunters are seen with fluorescent orange vests, sipping steaming coffee, at crowded convenience stores in morning; heading to or returning from their tree-stands. Can you believe it’s already October in South Georgia, again? This time of year brings images of pumpkins, candy corn, and fall festivals to the forefront of my mind. Also, it brings to mind the endless debate over whether or not Christians should participate in Halloween. I know people have strong opinions on this topic and I don’t want to down play…

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    6 Awesome Online Bible Study Tools

    Are you connected? Of course you probably have every kind of social media available to man, but are you really connected? We can Skype with loved ones on the other side of the globe, have the latest news delivered directly to our mobile device, and know exactly what all of our friends had for dinner last night. Yet, I am not talking about being connected by the newest form of technology. I am talking about being connected to God through the study of His word! Since we spend so much of our time being “connected” by the internet, I thought it would be cool to point you to “6 Awesome Online…

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    On the Fence?

    I love witnessing for Christ. I look for opportunities to share my faith in Christ and how He has radically changed my life. Yet, all to often I come across a person, who in our conversation, they say, “ I am on the fence about this Jesus stuff.” Also, I have heard of people in church “riding or straddling the fence”. What does one mean when they say these things? What is this proverbial fence everyone is talking about? Can one stay on the fence when it comes to Christ? As I think upon these questions I often think of my childhood. I can remember when I was young, how…