Halfway there…

Halfway there…

Today is the turning point. I am no longer running headlong into the self-imposed “June Blogging Challenge.” But, in fact, I am on my way out of it!  I have posted content consistently for fifteen days. Now, it’s all downhill from here!

Here are some things I have learned over the last couple of weeks:

  1. As soon as you set a goal, life happens. (i.e., internet outages, emergencies, etc.) Just stick with it!
  2. Writing is an exercise. It’s more perspiration than inspiration. It uses “muscles” that you normally don’t use. But the more you use those muscles, the easier it becomes. Now, I understand the old adage of writers, “You must write every day.”
  3. Although some people may not understand your obsession, others understand totally.
  4. I write better at 6:00am with a cup of coffee than at 6:30pm with two cups of coffee.
  5. Writing brings clarity to my life.
  6. Last, but certainly not least, I am a called to write for God’s glory and not for my own.
I could mention a few more lessons, but my sermon manuscript for Father’s Day is like the June Blogging Challenge…half done. I hope you’re enjoying the journey. I am. Comment below to let me know you’re following.

Keeping the Commitment

You may have noticed (or maybe not) but I am posting consistently this month. I made a commitment to post everyday during the month of June. I am using this challenge to sharpen my skills as a writer. But today I hit a roadblock.

What’s wrong you might ask? No, it’s not writers block. It’s not a personal crisis (However, my children believe it to be). What is it then? Well, wouldn’t you know the internet is out! Hopefully, it will be up and running before too long, because typing this on my IPhone is painstaking.

Have you ever set a goal? Only to have obstacles arise? Did it stop you? Why or why not? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. God bless!