Liberty & Freedom!

It's Independence Day Weekend. As I consider the benefits of living in the United States, the two words "liberty" and "freedom" come to mind. Both, like oxygen, are taken for granted until they're gone. Recently, my family traveled to New York City and visited the Statue of Liberty. The tour guide explained the statue was… Continue reading Liberty & Freedom!

To PhD or not to PhD?

With me nearing the halfway point in my graduate studies, I've toyed with the idea of pursuing a PhD. After doing some online research and chatting with a few of my professors, I've realized the job market is slim in the field of Biblical and Theological Studies for evangelicals. Other than adjunct positions, there are… Continue reading To PhD or not to PhD?

A Hobby Changed my Life

Overweight. Always tired. Stress levels maxed. Type II diabetes taking me on a never-ending rollercoaster ride. That was a description of my life only a year ago. Now I’m leaner, more energetic, off all meds, and happier. All because I started cycling. A before picture at 270 lbs and after at 230 lbs. If you… Continue reading A Hobby Changed my Life