Big Dreams, Bigger God

Can I share my dream with you? I’ve hesitated, but I want you to know. My hesitancy comes from not wanting to be seen as a dreamer or overly ambitious. The first time I shared my aspirations, I remember being told, “You have mighty big dreams.” And I guess I do, but after some soul-searching, it’s not for vainglory. My intentions are to glorify God and edify others. I may have big dreams, but my God is bigger.

What is my “big dream?” I want to impact the nations for Christ through biblical teaching. It’s a lofty task, but one I feel called to. How am I going to accomplish it? My goal is to write biblical commentary from a pastoral perspective. My intentions are to write in a manner that is accessible to the average laity, but also helpful to the clergy too.

I’m writing this post to invite you to come alongside me in this endeavor. This blog will serve as a window through which I can show my work. It’s a monumental task and I know I will need encouragement and critique along the way.

What is your dream? What is the thing ablaze in your heart? It drives you. It wakes you up in the morning and keeps you up at night. We all have dreams (or at least I think we should have them). Would you share your dream in the comments below?