Babies Grow Up

Babies grow up.

When you’re the one staring at a black and white ultrasound photo on your way back from the doctor’s visit, you have no idea how fast life will happen. One day, you’re fixing bottles of formula, changing diapers, and spending endless exhausting nights bouncing your bundle of joy because you didn’t warm the bottle you fixed to right temperature and now their tummy aches. You fumble your way through the toddler years. You teach them to walk and talk. Your chest swells with pride at the first “ma-ma” or “da-da.”

However, at some point, there is a shift. Instead of teaching them to walk and talk, you tell them to sit down and listen. They follow you, taking in the world around them by asking you a million questions. You are the center of their world. You have their undivided attention. Tiny voices interrupt every bathroom break asking “if you’re in there,” as little fingers poke under the door. Still, you have no idea how fast life happens.

Before long, you’re teaching them to shave their face or legs, how to drive, and consoling them after they experience their first heartbreak. The million and one questions have slowed. Now, you’re the one asking the questions, wanting to be a part of their world. The answers, like Heinz ketchup in glass bottles, only flow with a little prodding. Every drop is worth the effort. They’re your babies.

But babies grow up. I did not know how fast life would happen. Time is funny. It can seem like it’s never ending, but slip by you without notice at the same time. Nowadays, we talk about serious stuff, like college choices, career paths, and other major life choices. What happened to Green Eggs and Ham or Mickey’s Hot Dog dance? You never realize how fast, but babies grow up.