The Runt of Bakersville

For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.” (Psalm 18:29)

A silence fell over the stands of Stewart Stadium as Kyle Littleton recovered the fumbled football. Littleton, a runt of a boy, was the last player the Bakersville Bearcat fans wanted to have the ball. Littleton, or “Runt” as his teammates called him, was almost five feet tall and weighed all of one hundred pounds. Against the Argyle Gators, the best defense in the state, and with seconds on the clock, Bakersville’s hope of a state championship title waned.

green grass across beige red open sports stadium during daytime

Littleton bowed his head and then struck out across the fifty-yard line. He ran past a defender. A few Bakersville fans cheered. Littleton zigzagged like a rabbit around his opponents with lightning speed. A unified chant of “Run, Runt, run!” surfaced from the sidelines. Littleton juked and spun his way into the red zone. The clock was out and Bakersville leaned forward, watching the boy they called Runt blaze down field.

Gators barricaded the goal line, but the Runt of Bakersville ran hard towards them. Littleton slanted left, thinning the defenders, and leaped over an Argyle Gator into the end zone. The crowd erupted. No one, not even Littleton, could believe what he had done.

After the game, Coach Hicks said, “Littleton, you scared me at first when you bowed your head. I thought you were giving up.”

“Coach, I wasn’t giving up. I prayed for strength. I might be small, but I serve a big God.”

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