Thinking About Farewell

“Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.”. – William Shakespeare.

The last few days have forced the idea of saying goodbye to the forefront of my mind. Sunday commemorated the seventh anniversary of the death of my best childhood friend, Rusty. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know him and we were always friends. It’s been seven years, but when a memory of him crossed my mind, tears still swell in my eyes.

Today, I closed a chapter in my professional career putting the concept of goodbye on my radar again. Since 2017, I have labored in Christian Education, but I felt God leading me to focus my attention on my local church. I said my farewells to some of the greatest kids I’ve ever met. We shed tears. I’m still not sure I know how I feel about leaving. It’s time, but my heart is having trouble catching up.

Finally, tomorrow, December 14th, is the first anniversary of my dad’s death. I’m not sure how to handle this day. There is a part of me that wants to carry on like normal. However, there is another part wanting to walk deep into the solitude of the woods to find a stump to sit on and reflect on my dad’s life; contemplate my life.

Our lives are full of goodbyes. Some we plan, others we don’t see coming. They catch us by surprise and send us reeling. However, I’m looking for the day that the word goodbye will never be spoken. In Christ, I have the hope that one glorious day I will say farewell to goodbye.

I am just thinking.

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