Outline of Romans

I. God’s Good News Explained (1:1-11:26)

A. Paul’s Opening Remarks (1:1-17)

B. Why the Good News is Needed (1:18 -3:20) 

C. Why the Good News Works (3:21-5:21) 

D. What the Good News Changes (6:1-8:39) 

E. When the Good News Appears to Fail (9:1-11:36) 

II. God’s Good News Applied (12:1-16:27) 

A. To the Church (12:1-21)

B. To the Government (13:1-14) 

C. To Matters of Conscience (14:1-15:13) 

D. Paul’s Closing Remarks (15:14-16:1-27)