Wash House Worship

I sat in a laundromat, worshipping Jesus.

On our vacation to North Beach, I volunteer to do the laundry. It gives me time to read, write, and pray before we leave for one of our daily adventures. (It also is a big hit with the wife.)

This morning I grabbed my Bible, notebook, and a novel as I headed to the washhouse. There were a couple loads to wash, so I came prepared. I never made it to my notebook or reading the novel. Jesus talked for longer than I had expected.

I read and reread my devotional passage. With every passing, Jesus spoke to my heart and filled my spiritual tank. Then a thought struck me, the God of all the universe is here with me in this wash house. He is encouraging me to press on in faith.

God will meet you where you are. If we listen, we can hear His still, small voice in the mundane trappings of life. He is always present. He is always speaking, if we take time to listen. Listen to the Word of God as you read. Listen to creation’s song of praise. You will hear Him. Just listen.

If you’re struggling along in life, I ask you to take time to listen. Then worship God. Worship can happen anywhere. And, yes, it can even happen in a laundromat.

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