O’ Precious Mary

In the theater of my mind the scene is vividly clear

Saintly reflection and many a tear

A dark figure entering a lamp lit room with head bowed low

What is her kind doing here? Her judges wanted to know.

She knelt before the Lord,

Offering a gift no earthly riches could afford.

The love of a forgiven heart poured

upon the feet of her Master.

Her praise freely flowing from her box of alabaster.

Onlookers peered down their noses with ridicule and shame,

as she continued to bless his name.

O’ precious Mary the lesson we must learn,

for one day it will be our turn.

To press past the mocking worldly throng.

Published by K.W. Bounds

Kevin W. Bounds (B.S. Bible and Theology, Lee University) serves as the pastor of West Green Baptist Church in West Green, Georgia. He is married to Amber, and they have two children.

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