A Different St. Patrick’s Day!

Where are my people from? This question has plagued me for most of my life. Everyone that knows me knows I am a history nerd. Although, I could tell you about all sorts of historical happenings, I could not tell you my story. What was my family’s history?

In December, I took the first step of a journey, which I am still traveling, by ordering a DNA test from ancestry.com. It was like waiting for Christmas morning while the test was processing. I imagined all sort of possibilities. Finally, the results came!

What were the results? Well, just say this St. Patrick’s Day is a bit difKiss Me I'm Irish_greenferent for me! I am mostly Irish! See for yourself here. As I mentioned, this is merely the start of a journey. I plan to research my family tree and see what kind of characters (and skeletons) are in it. I invite you to come follow along with me.

In closing, I how you have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!





Author: K.W. Bounds

Kevin W. Bounds (B.S. Bible and Theology, Lee University) serves as the pastor of West Green Baptist Church in West Green, Georgia. He is married to Amber, and they have two children.

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