To PhD or not to PhD?

With me nearing the halfway point in my graduate studies, I’ve toyed with
the idea of pursuing a PhD. After doing some online research and chatting with
a few of my professors, I’ve realized the job market is slim in the field of Biblical
and Theological Studies for evangelicals. Other than adjunct positions, there
are few open positions. What should a person do that wants to pursue this type
of education and employment? That is a question I’m asking.

I’m a pastor at heart, so being an adjunct is alright with me, because at
the moment, I don’t foresee me not pastoring a local church. There are some
schools I can teach at with my MA, but if the pool is full of resumes with
PhD’s on them, I don’t know how I would fare. Of course, the fact I’ve pastored
in some form for almost two decades is a plus. I think. Also, I have classroom teaching
experience at the secondary level. Another plus.

In the end, I understand the many factors that will play into my decision:
family, finances, and timing (I’m forty!). That’s not even mentioning the
biggest factor is God’s will. However, if possible, I think I would love to go
further into academia.

I learned about a podcast from Dr. Stephen Smith at Belhaven called On Biblical Scholarship with Eric Roseberry that is helping me think through some issues. If you’re in the boat with me, I think this podcast will help you. Go check it out.

That’s a decision I’ve pondered lately. What decisions are you facing? How do
you make them? I’d like to hear about it in the comments section.


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