Listen, He speaks.

It’s almost 9:00 p.m. The roar from a train downtown fills the air, as cicadas buzz and crickets chirp. There’s a sultry southern ambience to the evening that I’ve come to appreciate. I look forward to the peaceful closing of the day. Settled in the back porch swing, I’m reflecting on the busy day of calls, deadlines, and commitments. During the bustle, I tried to slow my pace to sense God’s presence. Like Brother Lawrence, I want to practice living in my heavenly Father’s presence. Not only is this my goal, but God also wants this too.

How often do we rush through life chasing fancies that never satisfy, forfeiting the chance to tune our hearts to heaven’s pleasure? Throughout the Scripture, God pursues communion with humanity. From the cool of the Garden of Eden to the current moment, God reaches out to have a relationship with us. However, although God’s voice can thunder, He all too often is soft-spoken. You must quieten your soul to hear the still small voice. Who knows, you may hear him in the passing of a train or calls of insects, but He’s there waiting, speaking. Listen.


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